Now days creating a business website doesn’t need extra effort and technical knowledge, InstaCiti helps you through the process until you meet your goal. If you are searching to build a new website or wants to create your current site more effective, InstaCiti walks you through all steps and helps your business website to compete effectively in the online marketplace. Always remember a good website allows you to establish a strong brand identity and tell your story, services, and products to your audience. Website design software includes drag and drop option in which you don’t have to know coding to develop an attractive and functional site. While creating a website, you need to consider your goals before you get started so that you can execute design elements and tools to attain your goals.

Designing a business website is important to notify your audience and explain your value proposition to your audience. To build a website, you have to choose a domain name and secure web hosting. Then, optimize your website to improve your search engine rankings and your website should be regularly up to date with mobile optimization features. Also, remember that your website speed is adequate to improve your search engine rankings.

The following steps will help you to design your business website and make it more effective in the online marketplace.

1. Select The Primary Objective of Your Website

A successful website design has its sources in clear priorities. You have to design your website project by finding what counts most to your business so that you know what content, services, and tools your website should include. List down the important website elements which will help you create or design your business website.

2. Choose Website Building Platform (Hosting) and Domain Name

In this step, you have to choose the best platform for your website-building process. A website host is an organization that delivers the technology and services essential for a website to be viewed on the internet. The costs related to hosted website builders depend on the plan you choose. The domain name is one of the most important features of your website, also known as your website address, this web address will going to be shared with your current and potential clients and promoted on social media. 

3. Build Your Pages

An excellent website is better than a static homepage. Your website should have multiple pages dedicated to different aspects of your business, a detailed catalogue of your services and products, or a blog section for business updates. While creating pages, always remember that each page should support the primary goal, has a clear objective, and includes a call to action.

4. Best Content Management System

A content management system (CMS) is an application or software program that is used to design and organise digital content. Content Management System will assist you to organise your website and you don’t require any technical knowledge to operate it.

5. Design Interesting and Engaging Website User Interface

Your business website interface should leave a positive impression so that you can drive your results as soon as possible. You have to create beautiful graphics, easy-to-read fonts and make sure your graphics are compressed and optimised for quick loading.

6. Design Interesting and Engaging Website User Interface

Regular content quantity and freshness are crucial to ranking your website over search engines. It is important to create a plan to publish regular quality articles and blog posts on your site.

7. Install Webmaster Tools

The use of essential data will help you to analyze traffic and site performance by installing Google Analytics and Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools. These tools can be used to track the daily activities of visitors, the number of views on each page of your site, bounce rate, average time spent on site by visitors, and so on.

8. Website Maintenance Plan

You need to make sure that your website is properly maintained to have a successful website that ranks nicely in search engines and doesn’t get hacked. For that, you have to create a maintenance plan in which you have to check webmaster tools data at least once a month, use traffic data to learn more about your audience, use performance data to fix errors, and make sure all software is always up to date

Creating an excellent business website may not be as simple as you first thought but if you follow these above steps your business will have an excellent chance of succeeding in the online marketplace.

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