If you facing problems while searching for the right spa and salon software, which is crucial to the success of your spa and salon business, don’t worry InstaCiti has solutions for your problems. InstaCiti provides you with fully functional spa management software with the technology that will provide you streamline appointment management tools, such as online booking, as well as marketing and automation capabilities that help your spa and salon attract and retain customers. InstaCiti offers you online salon & spa management software with automatic front-desk operation functions & daily activities such as appointment scheduling, billing, tracking clients, online booking, Email marketing, and a dynamic customer feedback system. InstaCiti thinks that every salon and spa deserves the most required tools to manage appointments and online booking. The best part of the software offered by InstaCiti is that it doesn’t want any kind of paperwork or manual work during installation. If you are looking for a complete, all-in-one salon software platform that will help you to manage all aspects of your business, then InstaCiti is the winner on this list.

A salon booking platform is not that different from most online booking software used by other professionals in various businesses. However, InstaCiti provides you the software which is more compatible with your business by adding some key features and capabilities that are virtually exclusive to your business. Our booking system can automate the online booking process and also automate the client-facing experience too. Clients who want to schedule an appointment have to book an appointment by themself using the booking features of the software.

Better Scheduling

The software offered by InstaCiti will give features to your customers like scheduling appointments, confirming or cancelling their booking, post reviews, send suggestions and make purchases and payments. This software allows users to get more suitable visibility over their daily schedules and manage them according to a better plan.

Payment Processing

These days Invoicing and POS processing are two major operations that have become a staple in most best-in-class salon software solutions. With these segments, you will be able to create invoices for customers and process payments through various methods like credit/debit cards, e-wallets, and cash. InstaCiti offers you all these features so that your customer can use these features without any inconvenience.

Marketing and CRM

InstaCiti offers you the online Spa & Salon Appointment Booking Software System which is designed to promote your salon business to the right audience at the right time. Our salon booking platforms provide you with CRM tools for more efficient customer management.

Centralised Process

Our centralised system helps your business with customer data that allows you and your staff to easily access customer information, which directly helps you with more effective marketing campaigns.

Better customer insights

Salon booking software is an important component of any salon and spa business because it will help your business to grow its customer base. This online appointment booking system will help you simplify your daily tasks and processes, help you receive more online booking queries, and allow you to improve your service by keeping in mind your client’s needs.

Evaluate the discussed information when you actually get down to choose the new spa software that’s going to drive your business. Our experience shows that a properly utilized spa software system should help you do more business, avoid costly scheduling mistakes, attract new and repeat customers and maintain an understanding of your business performance.

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