In this digital world, if you are not showing your restaurant business online, it is impossible to attract customers even if your restaurant has the best location, menu, staff, ambiance, and offers or discounts. Nowadays, all restaurants need to promote their restaurant online through campaigns. This is specifically essential for a new restaurant from the beginning they have a huge challenge in creating a customer base in the market. To capture all the potential customers online, it has become crucial for all the new restaurants to promote themselves and develop customer engagement online. If you running a restaurant business you need to be on the Google search engine radar and be present on social media for customers to find you.

For restaurant businesses that have just moved online, calculating how to promote their brand for customer acquisition and retention may be slightly challenging. This is why InstaCtit is helping you to set up high-converting marketing strategies for restaurant businesses. Now it is not essential to offer good food, and have awesome kitchen equipment and quality supplies, but you have to boost your restaurant business using digital marketing strategies or even execute automation techniques to acquire the objectives. After completing all the points in the checklist to start a successful restaurant, you have to choose the best marketing strategy and compatible marketing platform for your restaurant business.

Following are some strategies helping you out on how to promote your business online.

Now the internet is completely overtaking our lives, so online promotions have become a necessity for businesses like a restaurant. Once you have created the structure of your restaurant, you have to put all your techniques and strategies into how you can promote a new restaurant online. 

  • Create Visual Content- The best way to advertise your restaurant business is with visual content because a visitor will desire your food if they see such good pictures and videos. Clicking your pictures and creating attractive videos with your phone will be more practical for your promotion or you can hire a photographer to make a product photoshoot session. Always keep in mind that the photos and videos that you upload to your social media or website should have high quality. InstaCiti also provides you top quality pictures and videos from your templates, if you are not able to click or hire a professional photographer.
  • Create Your Own Website- Having your own website is a fantastic platform to promote your restaurant business, always keep in mind that it is a platform where you can talk about your restaurant business without being invasive. Your website will be an excellent place to talk about what you have to present and put necessary details like where you are located, specialties, your contact number, opening hours, menu, and many more. InsatCiti is the most professional website builder, which offers you hundreds of templates related to your business and free website content for your website at the cheapest price. It also offers many more features some are free and some are paid which will directly help you in growing your business.   

  • Optimize Your Online Presence- Declare your listing in local directories and restaurant review websites. You can even advertise releases to local newspapers, magazines, schools, and nearby manufacturing facilities to let them know your restaurant is open for business. Get your restaurant menu online on your website or provide online delivery platforms. Nowadays customers commonly make reservations or place orders from their mobile phones, so customers require to find your restaurant and menu online. 

  • Google My Business- For a particular restaurant business, local existence is a critical part of operating your business. Before client orders from you, they are likely to search your business online and do a short review on how your restaurant business is considered by others or served by you. This contains reviews from other customers about your services, facts about whether you allow takeaways, what your available hours are, etc. You can handle your business on Google by claiming it via Google Maps. Maps automatically question you for elements like your opening and closing hours, your website, phone number, etc.

  • Email Marketing- If you haven’t already arranged an email for your restaurant marketing, InstaCiti will help you to integrate your email with your web pages in a simple and easy process. With email, you can build a relationship with your customers. Many brands use email marketing to send their organization’s story, the motivation behind their services, etc. InstaCiti assists you to conduct email marketing best practices online specifically related to the food and restaurant business. InstaCiti email marketing guarantees that your email marketing is counting value to your audience. 

  • Offers Vouchers and Other Promotions- As we know that discounts are always a suitable way to attract new visitors and keep your regular customers interested. The good old gift voucher never runs out of technique to create customer interest in your services. But there are a variety of methods to send the latest trending offers and discounts to the customer within a limited period. InstaCiti helps you to run these applications on your website which directly increases your restaurant’s reach to the customers.

  • Use a QR Code For Dine-in- Due to the digitalization of restaurants and the COVID19 pandemic, many restaurants have switched from traditional paper menus to QR code menus. The best part of this QR code menu is that it’s easy to operate for customers. It also minimizes wait and holdup time and person-to-person exchange of wording. You can include a QR code on your takeaway brochures so that customers can scan it to place an order from your official website. You can also utilize these generated QR codes for dine-in menus. When customer scan these codes will divert directly to the menu featured on your official restaurant website. InstaCiti website builder provides you with the QR code that

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