If you are planning to shift your business online and allow customers to book an appointment online, InstaCiti is the best partner that can save a lot of your time by automating a single task on your website. InstaCiti helps you to develop your website with a free online booking and appointment system. Our online booking and appointment management system makes things easy and hassle-free. We offer a booking management app and booking widgets that can easily add to your website so that you can customize your booking page and use it as your official business website. With a simple drag-and-drop process, you can develop your business website. Your free business website builder will do all the coding work for you. You have to bring your customers to your door by connecting your Booking Page with Facebook, Instagram, and more online channels.

InstaCiti helps you to customise your page by adding a service menu, prices, and work hours to your online booking page. The online booking page for your website we are offering is more than a free website for your business. When you work solo, it is not easy to manage your time for other administrative tasks. In that case, InstaCiti’s online booking and appointment feature works like a personal assistant for solo workers by setting up meetings and appointments.

Set Your Availability

InstaCiti puts you one step ahead of your competitors by creating a custom online booking website free for your business. We help your customer by empowering them to book and pay for appointments online. We offer you a booking page that displays your real-time availability. Every time an appointment is booked, you will receive instant information, and your calendar updates automatically. We offer you an online booking page that is easily customizable with your logo, branding, and photos. With the help of the InstaCiti online booking system, you can set clients’ scheduling limits, rescheduling, cancelation of booking, and payment system.

Gain a Global Audience

InstaCiti is a great choice for those businesses who work with international clients as our online booking or appointment page supports multiple languages and payment options. Your business website highlights services and products so that visitors from around the world connect with you as traffic to your website. InstaCiti connects your business with Teleport or Zoom so that your customers can schedule video meetings through your online booking page. 

Help 24/7

InstaCiti offers you the best online booking and appointment system that accepts appointments 24/7 and automates email confirmations. It also allows your customers to self-book through your social media pages. This online booking and appointment feature offers you secure online payments and connects you with Google Tag Manager for in-depth visitor insights.

In the market, you can find many website builders that offer you online booking and appointment features but InstaCiti offers you free online booking and appointment features with automated reminders and payment integration that can reduce your effort,time and increase your revenue. InstaCiti gives power to your clients to book any time with our online appointment scheduling software.

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