Everything is getting digital and is also easy to handle. In online mode, you can manage everything in a proper way and with no extra effort. Nowadays, everyone prefers online booking and appointment systems as a convenient way of booking, a safe payment option and an easy way to manage all the bookings. All the big companies and services are setting up their online platforms and creating a booking system. The advantage of an online booking system is that there will be no offline queues outside stores. Companies can keep a record of all the customers and bookings. This will ease the work of administration staff, and customers can book anytime and from anywhere.

Event Management System & Appointment Scheduler

Instaciti provides an online platform to set up the online booking system to fit your company brand. No design skills are needed. All you need is to join the Instaciti platform, enter your business details like name, owner’s name, contact number, email, and location, and add 2-3 business-related images. Choose from a variety of templates to match your company’s design. Insert the company’s logo and you will get a fully responsive website ready for you. From the Instaciti back-end service, you can add the details of all the services you provide, images of all the services, details about the service providers, and all the booking-related details. If the company is active on social media and wants customers to be linked with them on social media accounts, get the direct booking link. They can easily link their social media accounts with us, and they will get a “book now” button on their social media account. They can set up recurring events, and clients can book through their online platform. They can also pay and give more information about themselves during the booking process. It is also very simple to set up multiple or recurring events.

Advantage of using the InstaCiti Platform

The advantage of using the Instaciti platform is that it is easy to use and can build an online booking system with no extra effort. It has a smooth back-end platform where you can manage your business and customer bookings easily. You can easily link all your social media accounts, and with one touch, customers will be able to reach your social media platform. When you add your company location, clients are also able to track your location via Google Maps. It’s easy to set up events and you will also be able to send all your clients notifications about the new events and offers. The safe payment gateway allows customers to pay online while booking. After the booking confirmation, the company can also send a reminder about the events to the customer via email or message. Customers are also able to book for a group through this platform and enter details of all the members, and everyone will get a notification about the event. This platform overall helps the company and clients with managing the bookings.

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