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S. No. Chapter Name Action
1 Chapter 1 - Business Onboarding Visit
2 Chapter 2 - Setting up your ECommerce Store Visit
3 Chapter 3 - Managing Bookings of your Store Visit
4 Chapter 4 - Upgrading and Managing your Website Visit
5 Chapter 5 - Managing Signatures of Individual or Business Visit

Frequently asked questions

Can a salon business also be benefitted through InstaCiti?
All categories of business and services can be onboarded and benefitted through InstaCiti.
All the features of the website including the font style, text color, background theme and color, website content, images, everything can be edited by the user easily.
Yes, InstaCiti provides you with the facility to either use your own domain or get a new on from InstaCiti itself.
Business onboarding is completely free of cost, you can start just by providing your contact number and email address.
Yes, you get a completely functional website along with many other features.
Instacit creates a signature which includes all your business information, your website link, social media handles, business logo, QR identity link. You also get an EMail signature through InstaCiti for your business.
InstaCiti is very easy to use and it is very handy, you don’t need any training to manage your business, also if in doubt you can always refer to InstaCiti University.
InstaCiti supports multilingual functioning, it can set up stores and websites in various languages
We have a university - Here every process is recorded into small video tutorials and stated stepwise which can be used for any query the customer has.
With InstaCiti every customer gets a free bizcard, Hello, Webcard, QR identity and InstaCiti listing. Whereas for a paid customer, the additional benefits include a website, fresh logo, ecommerce store, booking service, upgraded bizcard, social media branding, Email signature.
A free webcard is editable but not customizable, the data can be edited but the webcard cannot.
An upgraded website can be styled and edited completely in accordance with the customer’s interest. Starting from the header, to footer, background color, text size, font, images, everything can be customized in a paid website.A fresh logo variation can also be used.The color scheme of the website can be changed.
A free webcard is non customizable and includes an introduction section, enquiry form, factsheet, map, social media handles and an InstaCiti ad. A paid website includes all of the mentioned above, in addition to that, it is customizable, includes a section for adding services/products, gallery, candid moments, footer with company’s contact information, and no ads. It completely belongs to the customer’s business.
Both are similar, as the purpose of it is to encapsulate all the information at one place, including the title, website, social media, links related to them etc.A bizcard holds the information of one’s business and mycard holds the information of the person itself.
An upgraded/paid bizcard included 4 additional features from a free bizcard:An announcement bar: where a person/business can list any announcement related to their business to keep their customers aware of it. An enquiry form, A map for directions, QR identity
A QR Identity allows your customers to have easy access to your website, bizcard, ecommerce store, or payment gateway. When a QR code is scanned, it directly takes the customer to you .We also provide QR Standees which can placed on the shelves of your business table to be scanned by your customers. Business cards with QR codes are also provided.
An email signature is a signing off signature of your company which can be used in your will not require to write your company’s information at the end of the email anymore.

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